ConcertsDylan live performances (audience recordings)
ConcertsDylan live performances (line recordings)
Broadcasts/filmsTV/radio/pro video recordings including Dylan performances
Guest appearancesDylan performing at other artists' appearances (or in ensembles)
Informal recordingsInformal sessions (including demos) and live performances
Rehearsals and soundchecksRehearsals, soundchecks & other concert-related recordings
Spoken wordInterviews, press conferences, misc. remarks, etc
Studio recordingsStudio recording sessions intended for release

The datelist index now covers nearly all of the more than 4500 CDs listed in the Field Recordings Guide, with dozens of entries added or revised each month.

When a CD includes all or nearly all of the circulating recording from a Dylan performance or session, its title appears in boldface.

When a CD includes only an incomplete portion of a recording, its title appears in italics. If a CD includes only a portion of a recording which is included in complete form on another CD, it will not be listed in the entry for that date/recording.

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